Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle lifts are the vehicles that have emerged today purely because of the need. The biggest reason for this is the lack of parking spaces that are increasing day by day. The vehicle lifts, which are developed by setting out from this point, provide safe transportation of your vehicles to the car parks in the basement or upper floors. Thanks to these elevators, both your parking area becomes more efficient and the use area on the upper floors along with the ground floor of the building is greatly increased.
Han elevator manufactures these elevators exclusively and projects them in relation to the space.

Vehicle Lift Standard Features

It should be noted that vehicle lifts are only for vehicle lift and should not be used as staff lift. Vehicle lifts are manufactured according to the location and person's wishes. However, there are still certain standard features.
* Has high strength steel construction.
* There are hose blast valves to prevent drop of load in case of hydraulic leakage or hose explosion
* Quality compact hydraulic power unit
* Suitable for mounting to pit or floor
* Control there is a safety valve against excessive loads using button control or remote control so that vehicles are transported safely.
* There is a speed adjustment valve to adjust the landing speed,
* Roller bearings that do not require lubrication are available.

Catch The Age With The Han Elevator

Han elevator is a company that continuously develops itself, follows the technological developments closely and adapts them to our country. With the development of technology developed by our engineers who are experts in the field, vehicle lifts are the best example of this. Our company, which is among the elevator companies that produce the best solution to the problem of increasing parking day by day and does not compromise its quality, produces and offers car lifts to you.
Han elevator, car lifts with 3000kg to 10,000 kg carrying capacity car parks can be designed. In order to ensure the safe transportation of freight between floors in buildings, the vehicles used for vertical transportation are called Elevators. These elevators must be manufactured in the production, installation and post-installation stages with the specified rules and obligations. The elevators, which have been completed, should be put into periodic maintenance and service services in accordance with the same quality standards during the period of Service. Han elevator designs elevators in accordance with your building. The elevator is designed according to the needs of the architecture of the building. Han elevator offers you high quality ascents and safe landings, while also performing maintenance and repair service meticulously.

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