Cargo Platforms

Load platforms are generally referred to as vertical transport systems, which are used only for carrying loads, which are not strictly intended for passengers, and therefore have a special control system that passengers cannot board. Platforms found in today's conditions considering load loads of all kinds indoors and outdoors to move easily, safely transferring, storing, stacking, or for reasons such as high durability which make our lives easier and which can operate in high tonnage hydraulic and mechanical systems as
Han elevator, warehouse stores, factory, factory and logistics stores provide this service. The load platforms, which are often a preferred system especially in these areas, have a cruising distance of up to 3 stops, 750 Kg. with a carrying capacity of between 1,500 Kg.

What Are Freight Platforms?

First, it is necessary to mention the types of platforms. Platform variants are as follows:;
* Single Truss Platform
* U / Low Type Truss Platform
* Scissor Loading Platform
* Truss Ramp Platform
* Trussed Rolling Platform
* Special Type Truss Platforms.
* Multi-Truss Platform
* Tandem Trussed Platform
* Twin Tandem Trussed Platform
* Car Truss Platform
* Disabled Trussed Platform
* Rotary-Headed Trussed Platform

Load platforms, industrial areas, and similar areas within the warehouse as it can be used in all industrial, prints, workshops, maintenance workshops, car plants, heavy industry, white goods factories, furniture factories, used in the field inventory.

Han Elevator Freight Platforms Service

Freight platforms are vehicles that are designed to provide excellent service in high capacities and heavy industry conditions. These vehicles are an important part of interstellar transport, storage organizations. It can be applied to parking lots, repair shops, warehouses, sick houses and any place needed, and has hydraulic systems that run smoothly and with high performance. Han elevator, used in many cargo and vehicle transportation systems in terms of load carrying capacity, even very high tonnage loads without problems and provides you with the systems to carry the maximum efficiency.  Load platforms will allow you to safely carry the loads you have, which will positively affect the transfer in your spaces. You can contact us in no time and decide which vehicle is best for you.

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