Maintenance & Repair Services

Han elevator performs all elevator maintenance and repair services and protects you against all possible hazards. Elevator maintenance and repair services performed by our company are carried out in accordance with the determined technical specifications and are performed in accordance with the pre-determined legal standards.

How should elevator maintenance and Repair be done?

Elevators are the tools that make our lives extremely easy and that we often use in our daily lives. Lift maintenance and repair can have negative consequences if not done regularly and correctly. Which can lead to loss of life. For this reason, Elevators must undergo maintenance and repair on a regular basis. Lift maintenance is the process of restoring the lift from every angle. For example, if there are used Mechanical, Electrical and electronic components, they provide healthy operation. In addition, these transactions must be carried out by companies that are competent in their field and have the necessary legal authority documents. This is a legal obligation that should not be omitted.  

Elevator maintenance and repair, in the future, the rate of failure of the elevator to a large extent reduces, the use of the elevator due to malfunction of the materials caused to strengthen. Preventive maintenance is also carried out by the monters or maintenance workers working in the elevator company, based on special information. Lift maintenance and repair must be done by the worker performing the operation by eye and hand

The inn specialises in elevator maintenance and repair stages

The maintenance of the elevators, which facilitate our lives and which are used to carry people and loads, is done meticulously by Han elevator. The inn elevator strongly recommends regular maintenance and repair. These processes prevent high-cost failures that may occur.

During elevator maintenance and repair, the importance of monters and workers who have a certificate of professional competence is too great to be underestimated. Serious accidents and failures occur due to the inadequacies of the people who undertake elevator maintenance and repair and many misapplications. In order to prevent the occurrence of these failures, Han elevator is concerned with the need to take precautions in advance and states that these maintenance and repairs are mandatory. Han offers you a professional and quality service with its expert work team and staff in the elevator area, while also protecting your life from danger.

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