Panoramic Lifts

Panoramic lifts, aesthetic point of view and hotel, hospital, shopping center, business centers are preferred in places such as lifts. This elevator system, which is not separate from other human elevators in principle, is aesthetically pleasing because the elevator well is transparent and is preferred in these places.

Han elevator, in accordance with the architecture of your buildings and offers panoramic elevator manufacturing. Han elevator offers you every step from the design phase to the manufacturing and assembly phase by experts. It is based on your safety at all these stages.

What Is A Panoramic Elevator?

Panoramic elevators are elevators that differ in terms of elevator wells in general sense. During the production phase of these elevators, Wells surrounded by transparent materials can be used. Or they can also use Wells whose only surface is transparent, others built from standard construction materials. Or it can carry features that are appropriate to the architecture of your building.

Usually, panoramic elevators are outdoors, in shopping malls, train stations, etc. it is preferred and used seamlessly in these areas. One of the reasons why panoramic elevators are so beautiful in terms of aesthetics is that the side and rear facades are made entirely of glass. The glass used in the production is laminated glass. The elevators are made of Unbreakable laminated glass and are designed so as not to harm passengers during any danger and are installed by people who are experts in their field. Another advantage of the panoramic lifts is that it is possible to mount them outside the building. This creates savings within the building.

Panoramic Elevator Service With Han Elevator

In order to ensure the safe transportation of freight between floors in buildings, the vehicles used for vertical transportation are called Elevators. Panoramic lifts give people a sense of spaciousness and take them out of the gloom of the enclosed space.  These elevators must be manufactured in the production, installation and post-installation stages with the specified rules and obligations. The elevators, which have been completed, should be put into periodic maintenance and service services in accordance with the same quality standards during the period of Service. Han elevator designs elevators in accordance with your building. The elevator is designed according to the needs of the architecture of the building. Han elevator offers you high quality ascents and safe landings, while also performing maintenance and repair service meticulously.

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