Cargo Lifts

Freight elevators are elevators that are manufactured separately for freight transport purposes. Compared to human elevators, comfort and speed are not sought; it can be said that they are designed to be used in places where cargo handling is busy, such as warehouses, shopping centers, factories.

The hoists are designed to carry 630 Kg, 1000 Kg, 1600 Kg, 2000 Kg or more than 2000 kg, and are manufactured with 1/1 to 1/2 special drive arrangement with redactors or hydraulics. There are also different types and productions of freight elevators in the form of scissor lift, rope hoist, piston hoist, ramp hoist.

What Are Freight Elevators?

People, loads, structures that operate with the help of electricity, are pulled by steel rope and often move between steep rails. the term lift is used as a generic name given to the vehicles used in the lift up and down. Elevators, life or goods must be in compliance with the quality norms and standards for carrying, without compromising the safety principles should be produced, in accordance with the installation should be carried out.  

Freight elevators are vehicles that are designed to be used in the most severe conditions. As with other types of elevators, optional features can be selected in freight elevators. For example, freight elevator doors and cabin sizes can be made at the desired height and width, doors can be produced fully automatic or semi-automatic at your request.

The manufacture of hoists must be done with utmost care. Since these elevators will carry loads, they should be robust and durable in order to prevent potential damage to goods, and should not be confused with the principles of the regulation. The floor where the lifts will be made needs to be selected from non-slip material, and when necessary, additional special materials for the base parts are reinforced.

Han elevators and freight elevators Service

In order to ensure the safe transportation of freight between floors in buildings, the vehicles used for vertical transportation are called Freight lifts. Freight elevators must be manufactured in the production, installation and post-installation stages with the specified rules and obligations. The elevators whose production has been completed must be put into periodic maintenance and service services in the same quality standards during the period of Service. Han elevator offers you high quality ascents and safe landings, while also performing maintenance and repair service meticulously.

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