Stretcher Lifts

Stretcher lifts are durable and high weight lift systems designed to carry stretchers, as the name suggests. The stretcher lifts used in health facilities are designed to carry stretchers and reach 1600 kg, 2000 kg and 2500 kg carrying capacity, however the speed can be from 0.63 m/s to 2.5 m/s.

Han elevator is specially manufactured for your health centers and offers you elevators. Han elevator performs every step from the design phase to the manufacturing and assembly phase by experts.  

What's A Stretcher Lift?

Electric propelled stretcher lifts can be double speed (up to 1 m/s ) or stepless speed set (up to 3.15 m/s ) and are manufactured in accordance with the project. In the elevator project, the number of beds of the hospital is taken into account, the number of elevators, capacity and speed are determined as a result of the calculation of the traffic, and a project is taken out after all these.

Depending on demand and need, doors can be either manually or automatically collected from side to side/opened from Center type or coated with electrostatic painted and set/patterned stainless steel sheet.

Our hospitals are safe with Han elevator

The stretcher lifts manufactured and assembled by Han elevator are carried out in sizes in accordance with TSE standards. For example, the doors are made covered with laminant or stainless steel and the project is terminated by being equipped with Impact belts. This process eliminates the damage that can be inflicted on the patient and the cabinet during the impact on the Cabinet entrances and exits before it is revealed.

Since stretcher lifts are made for health centers, the cabin floor should be covered with anti-bacterial PVC homing material. From cabin lighting to interior design, it is designed with the patient in mind. Various systems are added to these elevators as a precaution for any mishaps that may occur. Han elevator performs its production in absolute terms with the rules and obligations set out in the production, installation and post-installation stages. The elevators whose production has been completed must be put into periodic maintenance and service services in the same quality standards during the period of Service. Han elevator offers you high quality ascents and safe landings, while also performing maintenance and repair service meticulously.

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