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The stairs, whose steps are continuously rotating and run with the help of electricity, are called escalators. The escalators move people up and down between floors, making the transportation of more people faster than the elevators.
Han elevator manufactures escalators specifically and offers them to you. Han elevator offers you every step from the design phase to the manufacturing and assembly phase by experts.

Where Are Escalators Used?

The main uses of these vehicles are shopping malls, hotels, train and metro stations, as well as airports. The escalator made its world debut on March 15, 1892 in New York City by Jesse W.It was made by Reno and first used at the Coney Island entertainment center in New York City.

Escalators are used to provide exceptional journey quality, safety and energy efficiency to the person. Han elevator offers specially prepared design services of unique quality for escalators and ensures every step of the way.

Advantages Of Escalator With Han Elevator

The stairs, whose steps are continuously rotating and running with the help of electricity, carry people up and down between the floors and make the transportation of more people faster than the elevators. For this reason, it is used in shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, airports, transportation points and makes people's lives much easier.

Han elevator offers you the escalators with a high quality structure and also designs them to provide exceptional navigational comfort. It gives you this with low noise levels and minimal vibrations. In this way, a secure and smooth user experience is experienced. The ladder, which has been passed all kinds of confidence tests from its production to the end user, is planned and assembled in a way that will not cause any problems in the future.

In the production, installation and post-installation stages of the elevator escalators, Han carries out the production with the specified rules and obligations. The stairs, which are completed, should be placed in periodic maintenance and service services with the same quality standards during the period of Service. Han elevator offers you high quality ascents and safe landings, while also performing maintenance and repair service meticulously.

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