Monsarj Lift

Monşarj lifts are lifts that are used in their own specific places and are produced for a special purpose. It is possible to describe these elevators as Simply Food elevators. These elevators are mostly used in multi-storey restaurants, villa-type residences, dormitories and dining halls. These are small-scale freight elevators in which service products such as plates and trays are carried, providing convenience to everyone.

Han elevator is specially manufactured and offers you monşarj elevator. Han elevator offers you every step from the design phase to the manufacturing and assembly phase by experts.

What Is A Monsarj Elevator?

The cabin sizes of these elevators are designed to be much smaller than the cabins of other elevator types in parallel with their intended use. In general, automatic guillotine type door is used, the booths are manufactured from materials suitable for health sensitivities due to the properties of the materials carried in them.

In a way, Monşarj elevators are elevators designed for freight transport. For this reason, it is produced differently from human elevators, and is usually smaller. When the parts of both elevators are compared, There can be quite large differences in size and function. The most important difference is the door used.  Guillotine type, doors opened from above are used in Monşarj elevators. The guillotine doors in question provide great convenience to the user by opening and closing them with a simple gesture; these doors are especially preferred in these elevators because they do not occupy space when they are opened, such as semi-automatic doors.

Comfortable Services With Han Elevator

Monşarj lifts should be manufactured from materials suitable for hygienic elements in terms of areas that come in contact with the load. This is a state of necessity that must not be omitted. These elevators are designed to be small in such a way that a person cannot enter them. Monşarj lifts capable of up to 250 kg capacity are lifts designed to carry small loads.

Han elevator, monşarj elevators in the production, installation and post-installation stages of the use, with the rules and obligations set out in the production is carried out. The elevators, which have been completed, should be put into periodic maintenance and service services in accordance with the same quality standards during the period of Service. Han elevator offers you high quality service while performing maintenance and repair service meticulously.

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