High Speed ​​Elevators

The main purpose of the transportation of people and cargo and accordingly, comfort and comfort of use are kept in the foreground vehicles are called Elevators. High-speed lifts 4m / s and above the name given to the lifts speeds. Elevators are made during the project design phase of buildings and are manufactured in accordance with the necessary traffic calculations, avan projects, and are installed in their places in accordance with them. High speed lifts are also made in accordance with the traffic calculations in question.

What Is A High-Speed Elevator?

Han elevator manufactures high-speed elevators specifically for your residences and buildings and offers them to you. Han elevator offers you every step from the design phase to the manufacturing and assembly phase by experts.
High-speed elevators are vehicles that provide convenience to people in all respects and are now almost a part of life. People, loads, etc.in structures that operate with the help of electricity, are pulled by steel rope and often move between steep rails. the term lift is used as a generic name given to the vehicles used in the lift up and down. Elevators, life or goods must be in compliance with the quality norms and standards for carrying, without compromising the safety principles should be produced, in accordance with the installation should be carried out.  
High-speed elevators are only elevators designed with today's speed requirement in mind. In this type of elevators, balancing ropes are used between the counterweight and the cabin, balancing ropes are entangled in a pulley group at the bottom of the well.

Quality Ascents Safe Landings With Han Lift

Vehicles at speeds of 4m/s and above are called high-speed lifts, which are used for vertical transport to ensure the safe transport of human cargo between floors in buildings. These vehicles are capable of carrying between 100 kg (1 person) and 2500 (33 people) but make everyday life easier.

High-speed elevators must be manufactured in the production, installation and post-installation stages with the specified rules and obligations. The elevators whose production has been completed must be put into periodic maintenance and service services in the same quality standards during the period of Service. Han elevator offers you high quality ascents and safe landings, while also performing maintenance and repair service meticulously.

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